This is a simple web page that provides tools to help solve sudoku puzzles.

To access the web page, go to You can also view the source code on GitHub.

Note: This web page does not automatically save any entered values or pencilmarks. Refreshing or navigating away from it will reset the page to its initial state without warning.



  1. To begin, enter some values. Find a sudoku puzzle and input its values using the number keys to insert values. The arrow keys, TAB, and ENTER can be used for navigation, while DELETE and BACKSPACE remove values. Alternatively enter values using the tools under the Save/Load sidebar.
  2. Submit the values by clicking the begin solving link. This sets the values as read-only and enables the solving tools.
  3. Solve the puzzle using pencil marks, cell highlighting, guesses, hints, and if all else fails, show solution.

Button/link descriptions: